Cake Frosting

Making Cake frosting is not an exact science, I know what my momma told me and it works.

Making Cake frosting is not an exact science, I know what my momma told me and it works. It does take a little practice and don’t be in a hurry.

Three ingredients are required:

  • powdered sugar, regular size bag to start (minimum 2 bags depending on the size of the cake and how many colors you want to make)
  • shortening ( Butter flavored Crisco is tastier if you don’t need white frosting, it makes a great off white color, use regular for white frosting)
  • hot, hot water


Pour a regular sized bag of powdered sugar in your mixer bowl, then add about a half cup of shortening. The shortening could be more or less if it seems too dry add some more but not too much, you want to taste the sugar not the shortening, but you want it to be creamy.  As you are mixing it, add by the tablespoon hot water to help melt down the sugar, add a couple at at time but not too much.  Mix it all together till smooth, taste it occasionally to make sure that the flavor meets your requirements and add powdered sugar or shortening till its right.

Once mixed well, add any color frosting die you would like, these frosting colors are usually found in the arts & craft section of most discount stores where the wedding supplies & specialty cake pans are. Wilton makes the best icing colors. They will go far with a little and doesn’t make the frosting taste funny like some others do. Basic food coloring works as well, but don’t get too much to affect the taste. As you add your color, make sure to taste as you go to know when you may need to stop.

See some of my cakes I have made for frosting tips. What’s She Done Now!

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