Chinese Orchid Tray

Simple elegance, a pink orchid placed next to a Chinese decorated saucer and spoons, detailed with smooth rocks on a bamboo tray.



Simple elegance, a pink orchid placed next to a Chinese decorated saucer and spoons, detailed with smooth rocks on a bamboo tray.  Approx. size 24” tall x 12” wide

Supply list:

  • 2  bamboo tray 12 inches
  • 1 stem magenta orchids
  • 1 small Chinese print finger bowl
  • 2 Chinese print soup spoon
  • smooth flat rocks approx. 6
  • green reindeer moss

Approximate cost to build: $15.00

Purple Roses

Purple Rose sprinkled with dew and white carnations in a wicker basket. White sparkle ting accented.



Purple Rose sprinkled with dew and white carnations in a wicker basket. White sparkle ting accented.
Approx. size 24” tall

Supply list:

  • 1 bush of purple roses with faux rain drops
  • 1 bush white carnations
  • 1 bush boston fern
  • white glitter ting
  • 10 inch basket

Approximate cost to build: $15.00

Self Attitudes

Why are we so hard on ourselves? Why do we insist on letting our inside monsters and demons overpower the love we have for the Lord and the love he has for us.

Why are we so hard on ourselves? Why do we insist on letting our inside monsters and demons overpower the love we have for the Lord and the love he has for us.

Judging is something we know we shouldn’t do to others, yet we are the first to judge ourselves before anyone else has a chance. When we do, we are harder and harsher than any stranger.

The Lord does not judge us so why should we. There is only one time in our life that judgment comes into play and that is at the end of days. Even then there won’t be much to judge if we accept God’s salvation through Christ.

The Lord and his Father love us and stand beside us, waiting for us to rise up and stand beside them.

We need to stand up and step out of the ruts we put ourselves in.

All the judgments we put on ourselves usually stem from deeper emotions. Those deeper emotions stem from guilt, shame, self hatred from past hurts, experiences, trials and tribulations. We fail to come to terms with all this past stuff and it turns into self-judgmental attitudes which do us no good at all.

Someone who has been hurt by others can rise up out of this self destruction by coming to realize they did nothing to deserve what has been done to them. You should never be ashamed of someone else’s wrong actions against you if you did nothing to provoke it. To hide and be ashamed of another’s actions means they (and the devil) are winning the spiritual battle to bring you down, down, down, to a level they think you can’t get out of to reach the Father’s love. Keeping quiet about someone’s wrong doings toward you or someone else gives power to evil forces and doesn’t stop them from doing those things anymore. Never feel you are responsible for being mistreated or abused. No one ever deserves that and if you don’t put a stop to it, then things might only get worse and usually do.

Only one person in creation was abused for a reason, and he died for that reason.

Abused for us and died for us… For What?

Our Freedom!

We are free. We are free from abuse, sin, guilt, shame, and any bad emotion that the devil could try to cast upon us. We are free.

Stand up and free yourself from the evils that drag you down, because you are………….


Perfectionist attitudes lead to perfect self destruction.

If everything must be done right or just so, to be able to gain the Lord’s love and faith in him, then you might as well hang up your hat , because nothing is perfect, you’re not perfect, and you don’t have to be perfect to love or be loved by the Father.

Jesus did not expect perfection when he lived here the 1st time. Although sinless, he was human and very open to making mistakes, just as we are. Even more, he didn’t need or want everything perfect or done completely right except only having faith in him.

Whether at a party or a gathering, for example, with lots of people, he did not worry that everything was just so. He did not worry if there was enough food, good decorations, or if everything was clean, mowed, or straightened. There were some gatherings where he even took a nap.

No Worries! He’s the ultimate Aussie because he let everything come as it did and dealt with it as it came.

Negative attitudes toward ourselves are just as bad and powerful as someone else’s negative attitudes toward us. A child growing up with someone constantly telling them that there is something wrong with them, they are bad, no good, will never amount to anything, or even silence (no words good or bad are just as harmful) will eventually start to believe those things and it is then set in there own mind that it’s true and that’s the way they are.

So if a child can start believing lies from people who are close to them, then what would stop us from not believing our own lies?

Eventually, your negative thoughts and words spread to others and can bring down the whole mood or situation. It doesn’t seem to matter how much the people around you tell you otherwise, you refuse to believe how good a person you are or how well you can do what you do.

The person who doesn’t do anything because they don’t feel that they are capable of achieving it is the one who loses out on finding out just how wonderful a person God made.

You can only blame yourself if you let other people’s opinions get the better of you and control your every move in life. They don’t know you, only God and his son know you and they think that you are a wonderful and unique person who can do all things in them.

Nothing good happens in this world without God. We must all take him with us, if there is anything we want to do or it will surely fail.

Just remember – bad moods and attitudes spread like wild fires and rub off on others like a common cold and with no cure but our Lord.

No one’s perfect. Only God and his risen Son are the perfect ones. Perfection is the farthest thing from their mind for you. They only want you to know and love them. They love you as you are.

Finally, you who are abused or have been are to rise up and meet the Lord to let him fight your battles for you. You must make the first step against the spiritual warfare the devil is setting on you and remove yourself from the place he attacks. Turn back to them what they have done to you through love and faith in the Father to take care of them for you. Bring light to the ones who do wrong and the Light of Life will shine forever, wiping out all evil that surrounds the innocent.

Author: Anonymous


The simplest, yet most made complicated thing God ever gave us.


The simplest, yet most made complicated thing God ever gave us.

It seems to me that the simplest things or tasks are the ones people make the most complicated. Simplicity is not understood, its child’s play, if there isn’t a 100 page manual or a toll free number to call for service or support we don’t get it. I almost envy a child or the simple minded because they seem to reach the Lord so easily and the stuff we worry about that should be left to him they do leave to him.
I have been blessed enough not to be made to grow up to the harshness of this world that most have to go through, which leaves them like a child who doesn’t believe in Santa any more. Same concept with Christ, seeing is not believing, believing is seeing. So that leaves me in a position that I feel as if I can reach him, see him and believe in him, in ways that others don’t. lately though I have been having to pray that I haven’t grown up, and that I don’t want to because I don’t want to lose the connection that I feel with him, struggles and junk that I have been allowing to jumble my brain has left me feeling that I might be losing this and so I pray that I’m not growing up. Turns out that I just have not been resting enough in the lord to be able to be connected and I need to get out of that rut to get my connection back.
God’s love, so many search for it and long for the closeness with him as if he was a physical being.
The longing for the love of our Father is everywhere with very little understanding of how to receive it, obtain it, own it.
The problem I see mostly is with people’s approach to finding God’s love and the extreme complexity and lengths they go to find something this wonderful, when there doesn’t need to be any searching or hunting for it at all.
Our Fathers love is the last complicated thing on the face of the earth and all of heaven and creation. Somehow though the complexity is that “to love”, “be loved by”, or “spread the love” of our Father is so simple, so not hard that most people just don’t get it.
Which brings up the question to me, why on earth would people feel that God has made something he is willing to give so freely and to allow us to spread freely and unconditionally so complicated.
He wouldn’t, it has to be simple enough that even that simplest of minds understand and can give and receive without fail.
A baby knows the Lord, his love and how to give it before they even know what it’s called or know words or to be able to think for themselves.
An adult who wasn’t developed properly in the womb, with no concept of this world making sense to them, lost but found, they don’t know or retain information to function completely on their own, but yet they love and God our Father is in every one of them, to protect, to love , to guide.
These two examples of innocence, with sin all around them, influencing them and even possibly steering them into places and situations that are wrong or bad for them, still completely and wholly understand and work the love of our Father in every part of their lives and others who are blessed to come in contact with them.

Author: Anonymous


Why do we worry about everything? Don’t deny it: you worry about everything, whether you know it or not. Are you cranky? Do you have headaches, stomach aches, or indigestion which split you in two? Then trust me, you’re worrying too much. Even one worry is too many to have and not allow the Lord to take care of, especially those things you can’t control.

Worries, Worries….

NO Worries…

Why do we worry about everything? Don’t deny it: you worry about everything, whether you know it or not. Are you cranky? Do you have headaches, stomach aches, or indigestion which split you in two? Then trust me, you’re worrying too much. Even one worry is too many to have and not allow the Lord to take care of, especially those things you can’t control.

I’m guilty of it too. “Once daily Prylosec OTC(rtm)” is the only thing that keeps this body functioning, and fighting against what my mind is doing to it consciously and sub-consciously.

The worries of the world aren’t ours to deal with, nor are the worries of our own lives.

I try and try to leave things in the hands of God and his son, but there always seems to be something I let slip through which I end up worrying about.

I hate my job. I worry and wonder every day why am I still there, despite everything I attempt to move on to something I will hopefully like (or preferably love) better. Questions flood my mind always: Am I missing the Lords message to leave or stay? What if I leave and hate the new Job, or make the mistake of taking a new job that will put a financial strain on my family?

I daily wonder and worry and get extremely frustrated with my job. Because of that, I have to constantly remind myself to look at the situation and see if I can learn why I’m still there and what purpose am I fulfilling for the Lord, if any. For my whole life the Lord led me to my careers and jobs and there was always a purpose and it showed itself at some point. It usually showed itself right about the time I left, but, sometimes I kind of saw the reasons before I knew to go there or needed to leave.

This job, also, has served many purposes and I thought I had come to the end of my time with this job when I married and it allowed me to move and stay employed.

But, I worry about it all the time and I don’t allow myself to be patient enough to let him show me that I’m either stuck there forever or if the next job I need to do for him hasn’t showed up yet.

We are all placed where we are needed. Sometimes it’s early and we need to wait until the rest of the world catches up to the point where we can do our purpose. Sometimes we may get there do what we need to do and then have to wait patiently till our next job for God shows up. (this is the hardest part for me)

Worry, too, about my family. I try not to because I don’t live close enough to them to take care of them. I also worry because even if I were close enough where I could fix “it”, I really can’t fix “it” at all. Sometimes we are not supposed to fix things because the ones who need help and things fixed may need to figure out how to help themselves and not depend on others to do it for them. If it was up to me I would take care of all of them; let them worry about nothing because that would be my job. The Lord, however, did not put me here to worry about others’ problems even though it’s in my will to do so.

I’m also guilty of doing things myself so I know its done and done right, and also because it’s just easier to do something myself than to explain the how’s and whys.
However, this habit has become a curse with my current job. This is because even though I try not to do the others jobs, I end up having to because they won’t do or think for themselves. This is very, very sad and frustrating. We are perfectly capable, smart people working in a place together and only a couple of us seem to know or want to know anything. The others seem to feel that learning is not necessary so long as there is someone there to either do or tell them how every time.

So worries come and go, we just have to learn to let them GO!!

My life would be one of great peace and no worries, except every day I go to work and screw the whole thing up.

Worry if you must, but I really don’t recommend it and the Lord doesn’t, either.

Do you have money problems? No problem. Take care of the things that are important and forget the things that are wasteful and not necessary. Give, Give, Give! If you don’t think you have enough to give to the needy, a church, or just to show someone that your thinking of them, then your going to have even less to take care of the important things. What you give unto the Lord will return 10 times over (Note 1). It will also make you feel very good at the same time. Your return may not come back monetarily or right away, but rather, when you need something it will usually show up just at the right time.

Do You have marital problems? Then talk to each other, respect each other, LISTEN to each other.

Women: stop expecting too much from your husbands/boyfriend. They are heading down the same road you are, so if something bothers you it probably bothers him, too. Men often don’t know how to express things. It’s not in their nature to be able to express things and you can’t change it. Be patient. Stop complaining about everything. If you don’t like it, change it. Don’t spend all the money doing it. If you need more money, GET A JOB!

Men: women are complicated enough without trying to figure them out. God either gave you more patience than he gave women or he could have just given you the great ability to ignore small things that are bothersome. So, keep being patient. Listen, and watch. Paying a little attention to your significant other could save and/or change a lot. If she cries, hold her. If she seems cranky, just hold on. Buy her some flowers to say “I Love You” and maybe her crankiness will pass more quickly. If you want to, ask her what’s wrong. If you do this, though, be prepared to listen. Try to at least remember the important parts of the story, there could be a pop quiz later.

Do you have problems at work? I have no advice because this is my worry, too. Try to be patient and to be open to when or if the Lord needs you to move on. If you need a job, be very patient; and, don’t be picky if your rent and bills needs to be paid. Pray.

Do you have problems with your children? Children are often the hardest to not worry about. You want to protect them and teach them all you know, but at some point they stop listening to you and they are harder to protect. Locking them in their room is not an option. You have to let them experience the world outside your door or they will never truly learn anything. Street smarts and common sense count for a lot. Book smarts can get you Ivy League, but not learning things about the real world leaves them vulnerable to really being shell-shocked or hurt when they have to enter the real world without you.

Teach the important things from the beginning so when they seem to have stopped listening, what you have already planted will continue to grow until they need it and remember to use it. Discipline is a must. Children cannot be allowed to run your life and be out of control. Children left with no boundaries or accountability are the ones who expect the world to cater to them and they will not be ready to work for their share of the world. Highly disciplined (though not abused) children turn out to have a better head about them and are more inclined to do for others more than think of themselves first all the time. Our children are Gods, too. We (whether we like it or not) have to put them in his hands as well. Worry if you will, but keep doing your job as a parent and leave their outcome up to the Lord. If you do those two things, then there really isn’t anything to worry about.

Our lesson today: Worries and worrying…..

Our solution for this lesson: STOP IT!!!!!!

That’s God’s job…..

Note 1: Matthew 19:28-29, Mark 10:29-30

Author: Anonymous

Knowing God as Our Father

Knowing God as our Father

Knowing God as our Father
Finding ourselves in the spirit of our God & Christ and having faith enough to love and believe in them, can take some people long enough to, or too long to, accomplish without throwing in the title of Father. Calling God that and truly feeling as if he is our Father, one and only Father.

Especially if we don’t truly know what a “father” is, or what you’re supposed to feel or think about him in that way.

I feel like that most people who are trying seek God as our “Father”, barrel into this task expecting to be able to instantly or instinctively feel and call this person (practically a stranger) “father”, ”dad”, ”daddy”, ”papa”.

This route I feel is the longest way around, to move through the walls that completely keep us from bonding with God this way.

If there are walls between you and something you want with all your heart, like seeing the God’s face. Would you just stand there talking to the wall and praying that the wall would just miraculously fall down or disappear, or would you try to find away around it?

Going through the walls isn’t an option, because you’ve already been through what put the walls there to begin with, and that wasn’t much fun. Was it?

So the next option is to go around. The wall has an opening some where; it has to, the only walls with no end, in or out, is the walls we’ll see in heaven around our new home. Our walls aren’t anything compared to those, so getting to the other side of our walls to talk to God should be simple as pie.

Now, the walls we have are blocking our view of God as our “Father”.

What do we do about that?

We lose the “father” part of our idea or our God.

“WHAT!!! God not as our “father”? Stop believing that way?”

“Your crazy and wrong and why should I listen to you?”

Thoughts that might have just gone through your mind, unless you’re truly opened minded.

Don’t jump to any conclusions yet.

Did I say to lose that idea “forever”? NOOO!

It’s only a temporary fix to get back to where you really want to be.

Refer back to when I called God, ”practically a stranger”.

To most of us he is. All we really know about him is what we read in the bible or hear from others, but until we can truly speak to him ourselves or really feel him and be in his presence we will not truly know him.

So, how do you come to know a stranger? You befriend them.

The two of you become friends and you talk, you share plans, ideas, and dreams. You both start on the same level, getting to know each other over & over.

You wouldn’t walk up to a perfect stranger and call him “dad” or “father”. Even an earthly father, who has done wrong by you and/or been out of your life for years, could not walk back into your life, after being rehabilitated or born again and expect you to call him “dad”. (He could but he would also be insane.)

It would take time and a lot of trust building, some getting to truly know one another again. You would have to be friends first and work up to the “father” “daddy” part.

This same idea applies to knowing or relearning, and loving God and being able to call him Father.

The 1st step is to bring God back down to our level. He is already on our level and has been from the first day he created earth, but we have to start viewing him there. People try to raise him up to a place we can never reach. We put him high up out of reach and its no wonder people struggle their whole life and never truly know him.

Sure we need to exalt him and praise him because he’s great and mighty but we need to bring him back down here where we are. Back to earth so you can talk to him face to face. Become his friend and let him be your best friend in the whole world ever.

To try and trudge through and insist on calling him Father before you are even friends, makes things much harder and difficult than they really need to be.

“Father” figures here on earth are always made out to be larger men, powerful, authoritative, in charge and dominating. We perceive them in these and other similar ways from when we are children. We are small, they are big and when they are bad to us that makes them even bigger and more powerful, so if we have grown up with this perception of our earthly fathers in this way, then how are we expected to view God as our Father in the respect and manner he deserves and we deserve. When these bad ideals are all you have to go by, if you have any ideals to begin with. Some don’t have a clue what a father is or should be to even be able to start to comprehend how we are able to feel about God.

Stop looking at his knees and look at his face.

Just for a while stop trying to force the “father” figure aspect into your relationship with him and just be his friend.

He wants so badly to be your friend, so reciprocate back to him. He’s been here through Christ, he knows what it’s like to live here and deal with such things that torment us daily.

Sure he’s the greatest thing in all creation and he has power beyond belief, but just like a humble rich man or a famous person, they all just want to be treated like every one else, when they are just hanging out with a friend. Especially a cool friend as yourself.

If I were guessing God would give up his power and fame for one day, just to be closer to you and become your bestest friend forever.

There is so much you could share with him and so much he wants to share with you and he’s “dying” to be with you and spend lots and lots of time with you. He longs to be your friend and grow with you not ahead of you.

He doesn’t get bigger as we grow up only we grow bigger in size and he remains the same. We are his children but we are adult children looking for a good father that will never hurt us or grow old and die.

So to have a good father on earth, when one is available, biological or step, you too must 1st be friends and pals, sharing and confiding.

Same goes for our heavenly father.

Take a good close look at how you want to end up relationally with God and maybe write it down, put it in a safe place like your bible and forget it.

Now, clear your mind.

Stop looking up and start looking straight ahead. Straight into the face of God and say,


Author: Anonymous

How to Talk to God

How to Talk to God

“How to talk to God”

Being a loner most all my life has had one grand advantage. When I was a child I had my imaginary friends who I talked to, but when I out grew my imaginary friends I still found that I talked to myself still. One day I asked myself why I was talking to myself when I could be talking to the greatest imaginary friend ever. The coolest part about this idea though was that he wasn’t imaginary at all. He was a true friend, the true friend I had been searching for so many years to find, and he would actually talk back if I shut up long enough to listen.

“Talking to yourself is o.k., as long as you don’t answer yourself.”

That’s what people have said about talking to yourself almost as if there was something wrong with it or they just needed an excuse not to appear nuts.

Probably like the people we have all seen walking down the street talking and having a full blown conversation with no one. At least no one we could see.

Who do you think they were talking to? Only they know for sure but who’s to say they weren’t talking to our Father God? Maybe not knowing that they were or maybe they did, cause they have been the few that have not grown up in there heads and hearts and lost their vision of what knowing the Father hold for us.

I have talked to myself my whole life. Talking and working out problems or just to better learn or understand something I see or hear. Asking myself questions so that I make sure I know the answer just in case someone else asks me the same one, to be prepared.

I found myself one day wishing I was more disciplined at praying more often, being more with him, letting the Lord in more. Then I thought about prayer and wondered why we said “amen” after. It started to not make much sense anymore. If we were and are supposed to keep the Father involved and active in our life at all times, then why do we say goodbye at the end of all our prayers. Even though “amen” means to approve of, why do we need to approve of what we just said? Most people don’t even know what it means, but because they have heard it put at the end of prayers and songs, most use it as an ending, a stopping point for talking to God.

The word “amen” needs to be done away with, if you want to continually connect with our Lord. A redoing of everything you thought you knew about talking to God is in order as well.

That’s when I decided to talk to the Lord without end, I try not to use the word amen at all unless I need to agree with someone else or to let someone know that I’m through talking when i pray for a group.

The key is to talk to him continually about anything and everything, it doesn’t matter, just talk to him. He’s the greatest and best friend a person could ever have. He’s with us all the time so why not talk to him like he’s standing right in front of you or walking beside you.

Because you want to know a little thing that’s not a secret? HE IS……

…..standing right in front of you.

…..walking beside you.

…..carrying you when needed.

…..right behind you, nudging you along to get you through something you don’t want to do or feel you cant.

He’s your friend, your confidant, your father, your counselor, buddy and pal.

It doesn’t have to be out loud, it can be in your head, but why not be loud. At least you have a name to give when someone asks who your talking to.

Prayer without end, its pretty cool. It’s like an open phone line to probably the only person that will ever listen to everything that you say. He will never ignore you. Pretend that he heard you or change the subject just because he didn’t hear what you said.

He wants to be so near you and be involved in your life that he hurts when you do the latter to him. We do ignore him and pretend to listen or just never bring the subject (him) up so you don’t have to feel bad that your not involving him. But what makes him the greatest friend ever is that he will never ever never do anything to us that we do to him.

He doesn’t follow the “golden rule” he is the golden rule. No matter how badly we treat him, he will always treat us a trillion times better than we want to be treated.

It sure is a good thing that we can change all that, by just talking to him without end. Know he’s always beside you, in front of you, behind you,,, inside of you and you will never feel alone and your best friend will always be there when you need him.

Just talk to him…. He’s waiting

Author: Anonymous


Snuggled a top an antiqued holder, cream rose, red and mauve peonies and dahlias, and a purple hydrangea.



Snuggled atop an antiqued holder, cream rose, red and mauve peonies and dahlias, and a purple hydrangea.  Approx. size 18” tall

Supply list:

  • 2  tuzzy muzzy mixed bushes
  • 2 antiqued candle holders
  • spanish moss

Approximate cost to build: $35.00

Oil & Vinegar Dressing

Oil & Vinegar Dressing



In a recycled dressing bottle or reusable vinaigrette bottle, add all ingredients and shake well.  Shake well before use, apply to salad of any sort(pasta or leafy green).