Coffee Cozy

Knitted coffee press cozy

   A coffee cozy knitted for a french coffee press.  Knitted in a stockinette stitch that alternates each row with purl and knit stitches.  Start with casting on about 60 stitches then a knit row, next row purl; alternating till you reach your desires height.

To finish I slip stitched with a needle to close the cozy.  The free pattern suggested velcro or buttons in order to close thru the handle, i felt this option was more compliant to the users needs and also to close up any draft holes that may occur other ways. The piece is flexible enough to allow efficient handling and pouring with the handle covered. Finished product should stretch enough to slip over press easily.

Quoted from my husband, “works much better than the kitchen towel I was using.”

Yarn used was Bernat’s Felting wool. This link will also guide you to the free pattern for this or I got the pattern off the free pattern hooks at Hobby lobby where I got the yarn.

Happy knitting.