Graduation Lei

Graduation Leis made for a high school graduate

Graduation Leis made for a high school graduate.  The top one created large, keeping with floral tradition of leis.  The lower one created in the school colors, shorter than the other for a layered effect.

Leis are traditionally a gift of love and celebration.  These were created for a mother to affectionately to her daughter who is leaving one path of life and entering a new path.  This also being a reason for giving of these floral delights in times of arrival and departure in various time of life.

The finished result:


Kaylee’s 7th Birthday Cake

The smurfy-ness of this cake surprises everyone with a smile.

  Start with a skeleton, pvc mounted to a piece of plywood.

Form leg, arms and head out of rice treats.  Tip: use a ganache or icing on the pvc so the treats have something to adhere to.  Icing is used to “dirty ice” the treats and cake so that the fondant will adhere to surfaces.

Use white fondant to make it any color you need.  Add frosting tint to your fondant then knead till well blended into even color.  Roll to desired thickness and apply to a dirty iced sculpture.

Frequent refrigeration may be required if kitchen is not cold enough, plus it will help in hardening icings to prevent melting and fondant from sliding off.

Be aware that fondant will dry out and needs to be shaped in the exact form required, because it will become brittle and break apart.  Frustrating lessons learned from this fondant adventure.

Also, non-toxic glue should be used on the pvc joints to prevent movement.  The weight of the cake/treats and fondants will cause the joints to move.  As seen above, I learned this lesson too late, the joints stayed still till I applied the fondant, then a creative cover of a garden hoe was required to hold her arm up.

The rice treats created a new and unique challenge, the original plan for her hands became rounded nubs that then had to be creatively disguised by a large flower and a big butterfly.

Fingerless Mits

An exciting idea that I put to knitting.

An exciting idea that I put to knitting.  I found a pattern for fingerless mittens and made a sleeve twist from and idea given to me from a wonderful young lady standing out in the crowd.  She was wearing sleeves one day, for those unfashioned, sleeves are usually sheer and have a design printed on them.  Some sleeves are designed to make you look like you have tattoo sleeves when you don’t.  However, some people are cold natured and wooly ones might be quite nice, and to be different and I never follow the crowd so I encourage difference and weirdness.  I just added some rows to make them longer up the arm than the original pattern required,  I could have made them longer which may come later for another pair.

With the spare yarn I made a skinny scarf to match for when winter comes.


Coconut Fruit Salad

Fruit salad for any occasion.

My sisters made this wonderful fruit salad during the holidays, but of course I can’t leave good enough alone so I changed it.


In measuring cup pour condensed milk, then add juice from oranges to equal the milk requirement for pudding.  Cook pudding according to package.

Drain all your fruit and combine into a casserole dish.

Sprinkle with half your coconut.

When pudding is done while still warm pour over fruit and sprinkle with the rest of the coconut.

If you don’t like so much coconut then skip the coconut on top of fruit and leave it for a topper to decorate.


Refrigerate for at least an hour, may be done night before.

**my sisters did not add the coconut, theirs only had the oranges, bananas, pineapple and tapioca cook pudding using only the fruit juice, no milk.** Which was also EXCELLENT!!