Cake Out of a Cookie Mix

Pillsbury has come up with some yummy new flavors this year in cakes and cookies. Last year they opened with the Pink lemonade cake and
cookie mix with matching frosting which was divine.

This year they brought it back i’m glad to say and added new flavors, Key limeOrange-cicle and Blue Raspberry.  This recipe follows my cunning abilities in attempting to make the key lime cake but by my rush at the store picked up the cookie mix instead.  Oh, No! what do  I do? I need a cake!…

Oh, hey, I make cookies out of cake mixes (awesome example) why can’t I make this cookie mix into a cake?  

Answer.. I can!  I happened to have one of the pink lemonade cake mixes in my cupboard, for that spur of the moment dessert, so I pulled it out and checked the required ingredients..

WHA LA!!!  instead of using the ingredients on the cookie box I used the ingredients on the cake box and got the best key lime cake ever with the key lime frosting of course ( the best part ;-)).  Mmmm, Can’t wait to make it again.

In a mixer bowl, combine your cookie mix, **1 and 1/4 c. water, 2/3 c. oil, and 3 eggs and mix on medium until well blended.

Pour into your greased and floured 9×13 pan (I used a glass pan) and bake for 35 minutes on 350, till toothpick stuck in middle comes out clean.

**Add ingredients slowly, add the oil, but 1 egg at a time, and 1/4 c. water at a time. Just in case there is not a much cookie mix in the box or bag as those listed above.
If it seems a bit dry while mixing, try adding a touch more oil and water, oil can also make more moist.

67 thoughts on “Cake Out of a Cookie Mix”

    1. Yes ma’am it would be voila in normal circumstances, but I’m not normal and in the middle of Texas it’s wha la. 🙂
      ya’ll have a good day

  1. OMG! Thanks a million Jen! I too, accidentally purchased the pink lemonade cookie mix instead of cake mix. I thought to myself…the Internet is such a wealth of knowledge…perhaps I am not the only person to make this mistake…Sure enoughI came across this…THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! PS…those that feel the need to “correct others” surely suffer from a deep rooted insecurity. 😉

    1. Well thank you Sarah, I’m glad I could be out here on the www to help you. Hope you enjoy your cake, these flavors are my favorite.

  2. Thank you! Thought I had cake mix for birthday cupcakes and I was out. Had quite a few cookie mixes though! Now my daughter is getting Betty Crocker Cotton Candy cupcakes instead of cookies!

    1. Those will be Awesome! Hope she has a wonderful birthday.
      Thank you for stopping by Just Keeping Busy, Have a blessed day.

  3. Obsessed with this! I’m a very beginning baker and have the cotton candy cookie mix I want to turn into cup cakes! Do you know if one can replace applesauce for the oil?? Trying to make this a tiny bit more healthy.

    1. Yes you can replace applesauce for the oil, check this link for some info Consider though if you wouldn’t want to use a more healthy oil such as coconut oil rather than adding more sugar to the already sugary cupcakes with the applesauce.
      Thank you for stopping by Just Keeping Busy, I hope that I could help.
      Have a wonderful day.

  4. Could I do this with any cookie mix?
    My husband LOVES sugar cookies and I wanted to make a sugar cookie cake (today is his birthday)

    1. I’m very sorry Beki that I did not get back to you soon enough. So far every cookie mix I have tried has come out great as a cake. Most all the ingredients of a cookie mix are exactly like the ingredients of a cake mix, the only difference is the liquid ingredients we add when we get it home. I would love to know how the sugar cookie cake came out if you tried it, otherwise that one will be next on my list of challenges. Wish your husband a belated birthday and I hope that you visit Just Keeping Busy again very soon.
      Blessings, jen

  5. Love it! So far I have done chocolate peppermint, orange-cycle and key lime. Awesome! I use coconut oil and for lime I use nettle tea instead of water. Leaves and all. Perfect for added nutrition and great for allergies. Best recipe hack ever. Y’all be blessed now!

    1. Thank you Terri
      Soo glad that you found us, those ideas sound great. Keep up the experimenting.
      You have a blessed day.

  6. I tried this but mine failed miserably. I baked it longer because the inside just wouldn’t get done. And when I took it out, it fell. Tasted ok but looked awful.

    1. I’m sorry to hear that Lynne. I have had that happen but it was when I dumped all the ingredients in at once and it was too thin.
      I then made sure that I added all the ingredients slowly and one at a time, especially leaving the water till last and only adding till was thick, smooth and creamy like a cake mix.
      I thank you for visiting Just Keeping Busy. Don’t give up, it can work out. My best experience with this recipe has been with the Pillsbury cookie mixes, any other brand I have tried, I make sure I’m careful how much I put in and let the batter tell me what’s enough.
      Have a blessed day, and come visit us again.

  7. I’m so confused. I looked at my box cake mix ingredients since my husband was trying to make this while I read it out. My box cake calls for 1C of oil, 1/4C water and 3 eggs. How big is your cookie box mix?? My Mother’s Day cake came out looking like a hilly Texas desert…or dessert! So was I not supposed to use all the oil and water instructed??

    1. Hello Susannah, it is quite possible that the liquid to dry ratio was off. The ingredient amounts I use are from the Pillsbury cake mixes of the same flavors of the cookies. These cookie mixes are 17.5 oz. I have tried other brands of cookie mixes and have found that I have to add my ingredients slowly starting with all of the oil(start with 2/3 c.), then 1 egg, 1/4 c of water then another egg, in this order till the batter is thick and creamy like a cake mix batter.
      Different cookie mixes are going to change up the amounts of the various wet ingredients so not to copy any competing company’s mix and to “their” ideal mix for moistness.
      So it really doesn’t matter how much of either one you put in so long as you don’t put in too much. I would always start with the oil or butter because water dries out instead of moistens, and then add the eggs and water gradually.
      Thank you for stopping by Just Keeping Busy and I hope that you come back soon. Cooking is an adventure and sometimes a lot more experimental than exact science.
      Have a blessed day.

  8. Hi, Jen… OMG… Thank you SOOOO much… I decided to make my daughter a cake for her birthday… So I went to the store and bought (what I thought was) cake mix… Come I’ve had it for a week… I go in the cabinet this afternoon to start on the cake, and I see that I bought COOKIE MIX!!! I was sooo upset… Until I realized that I make cookies out of brownie and cake mix too… So there had to be a way to do the opposite… Thank you so much… You saved my little girls’ birthday!!!! 😀

    1. Thank you Vaonne, I’m so glad that it worked out for you. I’m happy to know that my information was there to help.
      Give your daughter a BIG happy birthday from me and I hope that you visit Just Keeping Busy again soon.
      Have a blessed day.

  9. Thank you so much for this! I have a box of the blue raspberry cookie mix that has been in my cupboard for a while but I am craving cake like a beast. I knew there had to be a way to make it in to a cake and WAH LA here you are!

    1. Thank you Amber for visiting Just Keeping Busy, I hope very much that you enjoy your cake.
      I hope that you find other useful information here.
      Have a blessed day

    1. Thank you Eileen, I’m glad that I could help you. I myself have obviously not read the boxes also. ;-D
      I hope that you find more helpful information from my site and have a blessed day. jen

  10. Hi. I did read the box and I purposely bought the cookie mix because I want to start my 14 year old baking. Well, she is gone for the summer and I wanted a cake!!! So, I Googled and I found YOU!!! I thank you so much!!! I did just how you told me and it turned out great!!! Whoop whoop. ! Pig sooooieee! Arkansas Razorback style !!! 🙂

    1. Thank you Tanya, I’m sooo glad that I was able to help.
      Hope you have a blessed day and a great summer.
      jen, jkb

  11. Thanks for this! Apparently im not the only one with this accidental cookie/cake mix mix-up! 🙂 making cupcakes for coworkers and bought funfetti cookie mix instead. Well u saved my night! I was about to say no cupcakes for anyone! Lol but turns out tomorrow will be a happy sugar-charged day! Thanks again

    1. Thank you Jasmine, I am so glad that I was of help to you. Hope that your co-workers enjoyed
      their treat.
      You have a blessed day,
      Jen, JKB

  12. Thanks! I have a box of … key lime cookie mix! That I want to use for cake mix! So I googled and WAH LA! dere it is!
    Seriously … I bought it a while back, then bought & tried the cake mix and LOVED the cake, which now must be out of season because I can’t find anymore. So I figured before I tried the conversion myself I’d google it and what can I say? Great minds & key lime cake lovers think alike.
    Btw, I’m going to add a box of pistachio pudding mix to mine, too.

    1. Thank you Karen
      I’m so glad that I could help. The cake mixes are seasonal in the springtime, the cookie mixes seem to be out longer. Adding the pistachio pudding sounds very interesting and something that I’ll have to try.
      I hope it comes out great.
      Have a blessed day,
      Jen, JKB

  13. I thought WAH LA was super funny! I may start using it too. hahaha. Thank you for posting this. I’ve made some awful cookies with the cookies mix and was SO looking for something like this. Thanks for posting!! Will reply back here when I am done trying it.

  14. Thanks for the great tip! I found a gingerbread cookie mix left over from Christmas in my pantry (which I need to clean out more often), and mixed it according to your directions with three ripe bananas, mashed, and a cup of chopped walnuts. Wow! The easiest, moistest and most flavorful banana bread I’ve ever made, dark but with just a hint of ginger. I want to try it with applesauce, pumpkin, maybe some raisins with the walnuts, etc. I will stock up on Holiday cookie mixes after Thanksgiving and Christmas!

    1. That is awesome Cindy. Thank you for sharing. It sounds very delicious, something I will have to try.
      I’m glad that I could help “clean out” your pantry 😀
      Have a blessed day

  15. Thank you so much for this post and the details of how to add the mix-ins. Today is my daughter’s 5th bd and I wanted to use the blue raspberry cookie mix to make a Frozen cake. But my oven is bad so I will try splitting half the mix to make one round cake pan and see if the rest of the batter will be cookies ;). Love your tag line, praise our wonderful Lord Jesus for all that we have!

    1. Thank you Shany for visiting Just Keeping Busy. I hope that all worked out for your daughters
      birthday. Birthday wishes to her.
      Have a blessed day

  16. After several attempted Google searches, I came across this page. This is very helpful and exactly what I was looking for! Thank you so much!!

    1. Thank you Lauren,
      I’m glad that we were able to help, check out my other recipes that are allergy friendly.
      Happy cooking and have a blessed day.

  17. Thank you so much Jen! I have the Salted Caramel cookie mix and wanted to turn them into a turtle cupcake (maybe with crushed pretzels around the frosting base). The cookies are amazeballs, so I can’t wait to give this a try! 🙂

    1. Thank you Michele, I hope that the cupcakes come out great. Your idea sounds fabulous with the pretzels, mmmm!
      You have a wonderfully blessed day.

  18. I got a maple bacon cookie mix. And I gonna try to make cupcakes. It is Betty Crocker brand . Cross your fingers. I’m going to use real bacon because the bacon bits on the frosting , Really look gross. I will let you know…. Margie

    1. That sounds like a good idea. Those cookies were pretty good, so the cupcake version has got to be.
      Because it’s Betty Crocker and not Pillsbury be sure to add your liquids slowly not to get too much or they will turn out runny and not fluffy. I tried the Betty Crocker peanut butter cookie and assumed my liquids would be good, turned out runny, tried to fix it with extra flour but didn’t work too well. Edible but not fluffy like cake.
      Will love to hear how yours turn out.
      Have a blessed day,

  19. I picked up the Tropical Mango cookie mix no cake mix found – getting ready to try this now! I can’t wait – thanks for sharing this! I took French in high school and college and well, WHO CARES! Say what you want however you want – tomatO tomOTO – obviously baking is her gig and language is well … someone elses. Lots of Love, Peace, and FROSTING!

    1. Thank you Tammie for checking out Just Keeping Busy, I hope that your cake comes out well.
      Tropical Mango sounds yummy.
      Have a blessed day,

  20. Jen, I’m from Oklahoma and I’ll be happy to butcher the French language right along with you. I had no idea that the word as pronounced and the word as spelled (in French, not in Great-Plains-ese, hah) were the same. People have no call to be rude when correcting minor mistakes. You were a lot more polite about that than I would’ve been.

    Thanks for posting this; got a peppermint cookie mix on sale after Christmas and have been wanting to experiment.

    1. Thank you Artemis for your support. I hope that your cake comes out well, peppermint is my favorite.
      You have a wonderfully blessed day.

  21. Thank You for making that mistake ha-ha I did it too & I found you!! Boys are loving it, Thank You very much.

    1. Thank you Jay for visiting.
      We are all human, mistakes happen. Just glad I could help :-).
      I’m glad the boys are happy.
      Have a blessed day

    1. Thank you Nicky for stopping by. No, I have not ventured into YouTube yet. Is there anything specific that I can help you with? Would be glad to assist in any way. Have a blessed day.

    1. Thank you Lisa, I’m glad it turned out for you. I have that mix in my cupboard and can’t wait to try it.
      Just mighf today, thank you for the inspiration. Hope you have to blessed day and thank you for stopping by.

  22. I used the tropical mango mix as well. I threw in some unsweetened coconut flakes as well. I made into a layer cake that I put pineapple rings in between the two layers and frosted it with vanilla frosting. It really made a hit at my friend’s birthday! Thank you!

    1. That’s great news. I did try this mix and made mini cupcakes topped with powdered sugar, that was a good hit.
      Thank you for stopping by justkeepingbusy. Have a blessed day.

  23. Thank you so much for putting this up! It’s my boyfriend’s Birthday and he wanted a Pillsbury Cinnamon bun cake, but I made the same mistake and got the Cinnamon bun cookie mix. It’s good to see I’m not the only one who made this mistake. Your info saved the day and his birthday!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Bless you** 🙂

    1. Thank you Laura, I’m so glad that everything worked out great. I have made the cinnamon bun cookie to cake and it was gooood.
      Have a blessed day

  24. Omg! You are amazing! My son loved the Pillsbury Carmel Apple cupcakes. Well I went to the store to get more and I was in such a rush that I picked up cookie mix instead. Something told me this was possible and low and behold, you answered my question! Thank you for sharing!!!!

  25. I made this with Orange Cookie Mix and added mandarin oranges. And instead of using water I used juice from mandarin oranges, to make 1 1/4 cups I also added a little pineapple orange juice(that was the only juice is had). Came out GREAT! Thanks for sharing! :0)

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