Open Iron Cross

Easter.  That’s when I told my husband that I would take my Willow Tree Manger Scene down from Christmas that I would have left up all year because its so pretty, but with protest I looked for a replacement, knowing I wanted a cross to put there, it took me till Easter to find something that would work.

My kitchen island is a large area that divides two rooms.  This spot makes for great decorations to put a break in the two rooms, so what ever goes here needs to be kinda big. I wanted a stand alone cross, but there was not any that I could find that wasn’t outrageously priced, too small or ugly as all get out.  I had to rely on my skill of improv and I found this adjustable wreath stand and decided that I could use that to display my hanging crosses, maybe as a debut space before they find their place on my walls.  This one is about 2 feet long, hanging on a wreath stand adjusted to about 2 & 1/2 feet.