My Orchid is Blooming

I as many of you probably have found out, that Orchids are quite cantankerous and can be very hard to keep alive much less get to bloom again.  Well let me tell you that it is possible.  I purchased a purple orchid in the spring, it was so pretty and even though they are not very cheap I purchased it and took it home with the expectation that it wouldn’t be around long and I would enjoy it while I could.  7 months later I can proudly say that I did something right this time, not sure what; a lot of worrying, keeping a keen eye on it at all times, don’t know.  I read a little about them and what I should do, but it only scared me more and made me just know I was going to kill it.  I placed it in my south western facing kitchen window that was shaded in the evenings, watched it, watered it, enjoyed it while it was in bloom.  Then we moved.  Oh where was I going to keep my orchid, It had lost its blooms and had just started to(with my excitement) sprout out more leaves. WOW, it was growing and not dying.  Oh man, this new place has a south western facing window in the living room, but way more sun comes in that window, “It’s going to die now, It’s got too much sun!”.  Evidently not, now 5 months into our new place and a risky re-potting, “IT’S BLOOMING!!!”  Wooo Hooo, it likes it here.

Well I’m very excited with this achievement, not sure anyone else will be.  So excited I want to tell someone but not sure anyone close to me would have the same excitement.  So, I wrote this post to someone out there  in the world who likes orchids or just likes flowers so they can be excited with me.  When I saw the flowering shoot start to pop out I started photo documenting it’s progress for fun or if nothing else to prove that it bloomed again in my custody if for some reason I killed it.  Enjoy it’s progress with me:

Christmas Patio

I have been cursed the last couple of places that we have lived with patios that face the west, and in Texas the western sun can burn eggs on a sidewalk, green thumbs turn brown on western facing patios.  Anything and everything that I have tried to grow on my patios usually ends up dead if it doesn’t get burned to a brown crisp first.  So much heat and not enough water to help the situations; plus the fact that our patio overhangs another persons patio and watering too many plants often made it rain on there parade.  SO, I decided that I would keep my live plants inside and do my magic with silks and artificials outside.

This year we finally got a home that was big enough to decorate for Christmas again, I got to pull out all my Extra and left over Christmas Flowers to put to some good eye candy use.

First when I decided to just deal in artificial plants on my patio, I took all my planters that I had killed things in and made railing planter boxes by drilling holes in the side and zip tying them to the railing.  Inserted some Styrofoam and then I was good to go.  The first flowers in my boxes got to be for Christmas, I hope that you enjoy the following pictures and inspire you to create, create. create.  Happy flowering:

Fall Peonies and Sunflowers

Getting ready for Fall with a peony and sunflower door hanging.

Getting ready for Fall.  I didn’t have any wreaths in my stock, so I used a wicker basket. Glued styro-foam into the basket covered with spanish moss then placed my flowers in.  I took a chenille stem and wired it to the side of the basket and hung from a door hanger.  With a little adjusting I could take down and use for a center piece (sneaky huh?)

Graduation Lei

Graduation Leis made for a high school graduate

Graduation Leis made for a high school graduate.  The top one created large, keeping with floral tradition of leis.  The lower one created in the school colors, shorter than the other for a layered effect.

Leis are traditionally a gift of love and celebration.  These were created for a mother to affectionately to her daughter who is leaving one path of life and entering a new path.  This also being a reason for giving of these floral delights in times of arrival and departure in various time of life.

The finished result:


Side Job in a Holding Pattern Part 5

My favorite creation ever. Flower and fruit cart from any farmers market in the old country.

My favorite creation ever. Flower and fruit cart from any farmers market in the old country. This peanut basket has two 6 inch grapevine wreaths attached as wheels.  Bamboo sticks used for the cover and raffia and leaves used to cover.  Bamboo sticks for the front stand legs and for the axle of the wheels.  Fruit and flowers flowing in and around the basket.  The little basket at the wheel was attached and filled.

Side Job in a Holding Pattern Part 1

Some flowers created from a job I had once.

Once I had a job in a flower wholesale warehouse,  it was only temporary, but it gave me some freedom with my flower talents I never had before. I only wish that I could have had more time to hone in on the skills that God gave me, to master the art of flowers fresh or silk.  The arrangements seen in this series of posts from my time there are all silk.  The warehouse had display areas that we decorated to show different techniques and new products.

The holding pattern was to figure out where God wanted me next.  Unfortunately it wasn’t anywhere with flowers, but as you hopefully have noticed from my posts that I do what I can with the flowers I can get my hands on.

Flower Business

I learned at a young age that I had a talent with flowers, my family floated in and out of flower shops working for and then owning one.  God had other plans for us than this type of business but he couldn’t take away the joy I had using the talents he gave me during that time.

The business we owned won third place in a display contest for our towns local fair.

My heart was always in funeral pieces, my joy was in leaving the bereaved with a lasting image of beauty in a time of great sorrow. If I could do this again without the case of making a living, funeral pieces would be my specialty.  I only wished I had taken more pictures, I made some awesome pieces with the Lord guiding my hands the whole way.