I Need the Lord



I need the Lord more than anything. Without Him I could not function in this fallen world without going literally crazy. I have seen the dark and I didn’t do well while there. Coming back to the Father’s Love was the only way to enjoy what He has done for me while I’m here until He let’s me go back home with Him. Everyday I need Him to Survive.

Show the World the Lord Through Yourself



Everyday I hope that all people that I come in contact with can see the Love that the Lord has for them through my actions. A smile, a good deed, loving the unlovable, anonymous generosity. This fallen world does not make it easy to love others, but we have to try.

What Does God Want



He just wants your heart. If He has your heart, then giving Him every aspect of you life will come. Live for His glory. Let Him be your guide and comfort when things seem outside your grasp of control. All you have to do is simply ask. He’s searching for anyone who will say yes Lord, use me for your glory, then, He will glorify your life with His mighty light.

He Loves Us No Matter What



He loves me anyway. It doesn’t matter what I do in my life, He will love me and forgive me for anything that I decide to do apart from Him and His plan for my life.

EVERYONE has a chance for grace and forgiveness from the Father. Till our very last breathe we can call to Him and He will save you. Murderers, thieves, the worst of the worst can be saved at anytime, all is needed is to ask and call His name.

Being human how can we possibly imagine the ones that we would never give the time of day to or that we fear ourselves could ever be on a level playing ground for grace as we who try to do the right thing everyday. Questions and arguments come often from people who can not love as Christ did and can not imagine forgiving the murderers much less living eternity with them in heaven. The question is not ours because we are commanded to love one another as Christ loved us and forgive 70 times 7 times no matter what the person did. All human beings belong to God and whether each one has chosen to allow the devil to control their life or to live in Christ, really doesn’t matter to God as long as we end up with him in the end. All of God’s beings can be redeemed and the devil removed from them because God is more powerful and the enemy has no ground to stand on that God does not own or control. Free will is the part that hangs people up most, it’s not that God allowed things to happen but that WE chose to follow the wrong path. This world stopped being an Eden when humans fell in to the slavery of the knowledge of good and evil. When we made the choice to choose good or evil for ourselves, we put humans in the line of fire for the enemy to take his best shots at us and God can only be there to help us back up again, but can’t fix things unless we come to him first, picking GOOD over evil.

We were the ones that crucified Jesus on that fateful day and we were the ones who scoffed at Him; BUT, HE was the one who loved us knowing how stupid and bad we were being at the time. He gave up His life because He knew that we couldn’t survive alone and without His sacrifice. His sacrifice was the only thing that could have happened to save us from ourselves.

So, forgiveness is key and love for one another is most important, we do not have any choice in that matter or we end up on the wrong side of the spiritual war.


Your Invited to a Party!

Your Invited to a party!

Where: Anywhere you choose

When: Any day you choose

What Time: Now, if you choose

Instruction to follow:

There’s going to be a party in your honor. Are you ready?

A party of all time for you when everything that you’ve done, thought and not done will be forgiven and forgotten forever; there will be no room for anything but celebration. A celebration full of music, the best food, the best drink, gifts and blessings poured on you as if you’ve won the lottery and you just might think that you had.

There will be friends and family there to greet you new and old. No more loneliness and despair, you will find nothing but joy and blessings.  People find themselves in places that seem nonreturnable, places that leave you feeling unloved and forgotten because of choices you’ve made or maybe circumstances that you didn’t control but did not back away from before they carried you away.  There is no place that God can’t get to and no place that Jesus hasn’t been.  Jesus was only on earth about 35 years and was free from sin, but the last two or so minutes that he was on the cross he experienced a lifetime of sin and fell out of grace; just as we think that we do every day of our lives.  Then, when he died he was freed from all that sin and took our sins with him so that we could not be condemned anymore for what we do and say. Jesus was our answer and He is our answer to every question that we have.  God is crazy about you and he wants to throw you a party for when you decide to come back “home” to Him.

Jesus knew this guy who had some lost sheep and the guy left all the sheep that were gathered in his field to go looking for the only one that wandered off.  The sheep like minded in the field would take care of each other till he returned, but he knew that the one alone would fall prey to things that would cause nothing but trouble for the one sheep. Bringing the sheep back to the flock kept everyone safe and on the right track to a better life.  Jesus is out there right now looking for you and wants you to join the flock so that you too can be with like minded people who love Him and want nothing more than to live eternity with Him.

Jesus also knew this guy who had two sons and one of the sons got board at home and wanted to go out and see the world.  He was to receive an inheritance and he asked for it early. Sidebar, in those days inheritances were something received before people died more often than not. So the father gave both his sons each their part and sent the restless one on his way.  Years later the home body son had stayed near home taking care of what his father had given him, made it to last; while the restless son went on his way being restless. Getting into all kind of trouble, some time in jail, partying, boozing, flirting around girls he shouldn’t and wasn’t married to, spent every dime he had been given. Leaving only one thing to do, go crawling back to dad with his tail between his legs and ask for help. Boy, was this young man surprised when he got home, and his brother too for that matter.  His dad saw him coming and the party was ON!, the best of everything cooked and prepared, gifts for his son because he had returned home.  The father had loved his son so much that it didn’t matter at all what the son had been through or what mistakes he had made, he came home and that was all that mattered.

I know some people that have strayed, left the paths set before them and regretted ever straying.  But, you know what’s going to happen when they find their way back home to the family they had all along but turned away from, they will be met with open arms and then asked what took them soo long and then a party to celebrate.

So there is a party in you honor. Are you going to show up or brush it off as another inconvenience, or shy away from it for shame reasons?

It really doesn’t matter what you think will or might happen because your probably going to be wrong and you’ll wish you’d come a long time ago and brought a party hat.

We love you and God is waiting to here from you. You don’t even need a phone, just say I love you God and I miss you. He will start the music.

Glorifying the Cross




Glorifying the cross, what does that mean?  What is the meaning of glorifying something that was created by fallen man to be meant as a sign of shame and torture?

This symbol of shame and torture was changed on the afternoon that God used it as the one thing that would un-separate us from Him forever.  Up to this point the world had been made with the idea that God was someone who could not be approached by just anyone.  Sinners, fallen people of earth, unworthy to eat from the table of life were unable speak to God at all on their own.  The Levites, a tribe of the Israelites that were led out of Egypt by Moses were made to be the Holy ones, and their main chore of life was to do all things religious and spiritual.  Temples were built with levels of rooms that only certain holy ones could enter, then there was the Holy of Holy’s,  the last room of the temple that very very few who were purest of heart could enter or be put to death if they tried.  A story I heard once was that a rope was tied to the ankle of the one who went in so that in case he wasn’t a truly righteous man in God’s eyes and died from His presence, then he could be pulled out by the ones who definitely could not enter. True or not but would make a lot of sense, it would get awfully stinky.

Either way, this plan wasn’t faring too well with the people of Israel who really could not do anything but complain about the gifts God was giving them literally from heaven(Exodus 16:4) and beyond, so He warned them that He was sending someone else to save them from themselves, not just from the Egyptians.

So when that day finally came that God sent His only son(John 3:16), guess who didn’t and a group of them still to this day can’t believe in their One Saving Grace, the Israelites.  The very blood line of people whom which Jesus came were looking for a “king”, royalty type person to sit on thrones and rule over the people.  The very thought that God’s son would be a mere carpenter and a true King of kings and a friend to everyone, not a ruler to enforce the law of Abraham, was not something that they could and can still accept.

I and a bunch of people now and even then are glad Jesus is who He is, because in the Israelite/Moses days I was a gentile and we were like the scum of the earth.  The slaves, the lowest of the low and not worth the time of day by the Jewish community.  That could be something that may have caused the unbelief because we weren’t segregated anymore.  The sadness that for always there has been segregation and people just can’t get over that and love all, but that’s a whole big story all on it’s own.

Now, the cross had been around a while when Caesar was using it to make examples of thieves, murderers, capital punishment Roman style.  The crazy thing about this is that Pontius Pilate didn’t want to kill Jesus, he knew that Jesus had not done anything wrong.  The head honchos at the temple wanted him gone because he was doing something that they could never do and help people less than themselves, love people more than themselves, and fill the “pews”.  Thousands of people would come here Jesus speak, but no one wanted to go hear a bunch of old wind bags commanding laws that no one could uphold.

Jesus was hung on a cross meant for a thief, the thief’s sign replaced above his head was replaced with the one that said King of the Jews because Pontius called Him that.  He had to carry the cross bar all the way from Pontius’ place to Calvary, which was not a short trek at all.  Then, when he got there he was stripped of his clothes, nailed to the cross and then just for kicks one of the soldiers stabbed His side just to show he was a tough guy.  Hanging there for hours, His Mother watching in horror, all the hateful people around watching and mocking, and yet He still loved us.  He knew that this was his destiny for His Father,  the one thing He had to do to make things right again.  Jesus had never sinned, He had not done anything with His time on earth but Love us and care for us and He was put to death in such a way that can break a heart open to be able to receive the message it brought.

The very second that Jesus passed on to heaven, the sky opened and went dark, the temple had this big heavy curtain around the Holy of Holy room and God ripped that puppy right in two from the TOP to the bottom.  The message was THAT’S IT!, wake up people, I AM and I’m HERE!

ALL God’s people were set FREE, get it, FREE!  No more Holy of Holys, no more needing a mediator to talk to God. Free of shame, forgiven of all sin. Everyone gets to heaven, rich, poor, all races, all colors; the only stipulation is through Christ alone.  Acknowledge Him, praise Him, follow His teachings, Love as He would.  Christ is your only toll to pay on this highway to heaven.

Now the Cross was glorified from that historic day on Calvary, all shame and torture removed from the symbol, so lets set forth each day to glory in the cross and everything that Christ made it stand for and the unexpected peace that it brings.