Pesto Spaghetti Squash

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  • 1/2 of 1 spaghetti squash
  • fresh shredded parmesan cheese, approx. 1 cup
  • 1 pkg, 5 links of italian sausage
  • 1/2 jar of basil pesto sauce


Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees. Cut the spaghetti squash in half, place meat side down onto a spray oiled baking sheet.  Bake for 20 minutes. Remove from oven and let cool. Scrape the meat of the squash out into a spray oiled 8×8 glass baking dish. Pour the pesto sauce on top and toss squash till the sauce is spread through. Sprinkle the parmesan cheese on to the squash and toss.

While the squash is baking, cook the italian sausage in a pan. Cut the casings off and cook like hamburger till done. Extra seasoning like garlic, onion powder, and cayenne pepper on the sausage is a good idea but not necessary.

Once the sausage is done and the squash is prepared, drain the sausage and place on squash and toss.

Bake again on 350 degrees for 10 minutes to melt the cheese.

Pesto Spaghetti

pesto spaghetti

My recipe variation of a dish I ate at a church function, it was wonderful, I hope I came close.



In pot, cook spaghetti as directed on box, drain into colander and pour a little bit of oil onto pasta and toss in colander.  Keep pasta in colander while using the same pot, remove the casings from the sausage and brown while breaking up to small/fine pieces.  When sausage is done, add the pasta and the jar of pesto sauce and toss to evenly coat the pasta and equally distribute the sausage.  Warm a few minutes and serve. Add some grated Parmesan to top it off.